Casino Royale mit Mario Draghi & Angela Merkel

Zum Graffiti-Projekt Under Art Construction am Bauzaun des EZB-Neubaus im Ostend gab es vor wenigen Tagen einen Videobeitrag beim Wall Street Journal-Blog. In english of course.

„Stefan Mohr, a social worker and coordinator for the graffiti project, says the ECB even provided a little money to put up the wood boards. “We have never had problems with the ECB. They are very supportive,” he says, despite the more negative images. […] Local street artist Jorge Labraña, known as ‘Fuego,’ […] says some think painting at the ECB is like working with the devil itself, but he sees it as an opportunity. “Where else could I possibly be more open about my criticism than there?”“

„Casino Royale“-Graffiti mit Draghi und Merkel.